Difference Between Mentoring and Coaching in Meaning and Maps
Difference Between Mentoring and Coaching in Meaning and Maps - infoweb24.com

Difference Between Mentoring and Coaching in Meaning and Maps

Mentoring and Coaching – Sometimes people associate the terms “mentoring” and “coaching” with each other, but the two terms and responsibility do not describe the same thing. Both have specific goals; Including employee learning and job development that lead to improved performance and full team potential. However, the definition, focus, role, approach, and tools of each are different. In this article, we intend to understand the differences between the two job positions based on the definitions.

What does coaching mean?

Coaches work to improve the performance and well-being of an individual or group by setting goals, exploring values ​​and beliefs, and creating action plans. This is achieved not by consulting or talking about things, but mainly by answering questions to facilitate people’s awareness and learning. The coach does not need any knowledge, skills, or experience in the field of coaching. In fact, ignorance here can be an advantage and may encourage the coach to ask impartial and less guiding questions.

What does Mentoring mean?

Mentors are often defined as people who pass on their experience, learning, and counseling to those with less experience in a particular field. In modern business, the mentoring style of coaching is increasing. In ancient Greece, the term begins with Homer’s classic poem, The Odyssey, in which the Odyssey appoints a guardian named Mentor to take care of his son in his absence as a teacher, guide, and friend.


Mentoring: In this role, you are talking to someone who needs to identify his or her issues before entering into a relationship. Emphasis on active listening, providing information, making suggestions, and making connections are among the tasks of a mentor.

Coaching: Listening to a person, identifying their needs, and helping them develop a practical plan are important issues in the role of coaching. In this situation, the emphasis is on the individual or client finding the solution themselves, not guiding or guiding them.


Mentoring: This is a self-directed operating method by which participants choose their path. This approach can begin with an adaptation process and continue throughout the relationship, using a committed timeline to determine when and where people meet and identify the next goals.

Coaching: In this topic, more functional methods are used, according to which the participants start their work from a narrower perspective. Their agenda for a short time is more specific and focused on specific results.


Mentoring: The most important tool is a guidance agreement prepared, completed, and signed by both participants. This document formalizes the commitment to mentoring relationships and includes individual goals, learning content, meeting schedule, and communication methods.

Coaching: The coaching agreement is used to determine the constitution of the partnership. Of course, in some organizations, a 360-degree assessment precedes coaching sessions. Skills assessment is sometimes used, depending on the nature of the coaching program.

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Mentoring and Coaching and Management Continuity

Difference Between Mentoring and Coaching in Meaning and Maps
Difference Between Mentoring and Coaching in Meaning and Maps – infoweb24.com

Learning coaching skills and having a coach today both become a regular part of the work-life of leaders. One of the current challenges commonly heard by coaches and leaders is when to coach, when to coach, when to advise, and when to be a mentor, both in the workplace and in coaching relationships. An effective manager today must be able to move in the direction of the link between coaching, mentoring, and management.

Coaching history

Coaching is more rooted in psychology and sports coaching. Early psychology, however, was largely modifiable until the time of Freud and Jung, and even when it was later developed through behavioral and cognitive therapies. The treatment was to diagnose the client’s problem and try to fix it.

The result of Mentoring and Coaching speech

In the following text, we will discuss the differences between coaching and mentoring. We pointed out that coaching is mostly based on action plans designed to improve professional performance in the workplace. Mentoring is based more on personal development and not only on the path of our career. Also beyond it and has a more comprehensive approach to the progress of our lives.

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