How to become a hacker
How to become a hacker

How to become a hacker

How to become a hacker

Hacking and security are some of the most important and popular topics in the field of information technology. If you are interested in learning how to hack and you have a question about how to become a hacker, this article will discuss this in a preliminary and general way. You can enter the world of hacking and security with the information provided in this article with a clear vision.


What does hacking have to do with security?

Hacking and security, although contradictory in meaning, are always related. Wherever there is talk of hacking, there is security and vice versa. To prevent hacking, security must be provided, and hacking must identify ways to penetrate security barriers. It can be said that there is no security at all, so it can be concluded that there is always the issue of hacking because there is always the possibility of hacking for any system.

The difference between online hacking and offline hacking

Another argument is that we can not say that because we are not connected to the Internet or our network is limited and internal, no security problems threaten us. It is also possible that information may be physically stolen and misused. In fact, online hacking is a method in which hacking is done through the web, but in offline hacking, hacking and access are done physically.

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What is hacking and how to become a hacker

Hacking is an act in which hacking into a system, system, network, site, and… occurs online or offline. Online hacking can be done in many different ways on various networks. Given that most of the audience of this article are webmasters, so below are a number of cases related to hacking and related hacking methods:

  • Brute force attack method means forced penetration – Brute Force
  • SQL Injection service attack method
  • Shortcut attack method in Linux – Symlink
  • Denial of Service Method – D-DoS
  • Phishing attack method by forging pages – Phishing
  • And dozens of other attack methods…

How to become a hacker

To become a hacker, in addition to hacking, you must also follow security issues. The suggested topics are as follows:

  • Basic knowledge of operating systems, especially Linux and Windows
  • Understand web programming languages ​​such as ASP.NET, PHP, PERL,…
  • Knowledge of software programming languages
  • Full knowledge of network concepts and their standards
  • Full understanding of protection concepts and security layers at different levels


Category Hackers

There are a total of three main categories for hackers. In some cases, there are various categories, but in general, the following three categories are among the main categories of hackers:

  • White Hat Hackers
  • Black Hat Hackers
  • Gray hat hackers


Description of White Hat hacker activity

The activity of this type of hacker is moral and legal. These hackers usually work as security experts in an organization, group or company or as a freelancer. The way white hat hackers work is that they identify ways of infiltration and security problems and provide a solution to the problem. If you want to choose security and hacking as a specialty and job, it is better to be in this category.


Description of the activity of the black hat hacker

These types of hackers hack with very dangerous intentions. Their purpose is hostile and is done for the purpose of abuse and harm. These types of hackers are commonly criminalized in many countries and can be punished if identified. We suggest that you do not enter this category at all because it will have very bad consequences.


Description of the activity of the gray hat hacker

These types of hackers go through the process of black hat hackers, but with the difference that their purposes are entertainment, attention, and the like, and not with hostile purposes. In general, this type of activity is also a crime and if the offender is identified, he will be dealt with legally. Therefore, we suggest that you do not enter this type of category.


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