How to get to know women better
How to get to know women better

How to get to know women better

How to get to know women better

Getting to know women is a challenging issue for men and they always find it difficult and impossible. Women are complex human beings with a variety of feelings and emotions that make this difficult for men. Getting to know women requires some understanding and logic. Women are easily recognizable by their values, being introverted or extroverted, and a few other criteria. Sometimes misconceptions and limitations make it difficult for you to interact properly with women.

understand women better
understand women better

Women and men are fundamentally different. This sentence is so repetitive that no further explanation is needed to understand it. Men and women are of two different sexes with different spirits, and in order to be able to have a good life with a creature that is so different from you, you need to know him. In this article from the site, how do we try to make it easier for you to recognize women by expressing their salient features?


Secrets of knowing women

Secret 1: Reassure her that you love her

Women want to be sure of the other person’s love. To give them this feeling, it is better to have a short phone call and greeting in the middle of the day and reassure them that it is important that you care about and love him, doing this more than you think in your relationship It will have a positive effect.


Secret Two: Understand him

It is better to know what is the main reason if women complain about something. Many men think that controlling and doing housework and having children is not a difficult task, if you think so, it is not bad to spend a few days doing this. In this way, you will realize that women do really hard work every day and have the right to complain about everything sometimes. So listen to their grievances without reacting.


Secret 3: Listen to your spouse

Many times women do not need to hear your solution, they need a hearing ear. When they talk and discuss their problem with you, they are actually looking for a listening phone, so just listen and let them talk completely. Communication is easy and beautiful when men learn to listen and interpret their spouse’s feelings correctly. Listening, like any other art, requires practice. Every day when you go home, ask your spouse to explain to you how he or she spent the day, so you can practice how to be a better listener.


Secret 4: Be careful when talking to him

Women care that you value them when you talk to them. To show the value you place on talking to them, it’s a good idea to pick up your cell phone and look into their eyes as you talk.


Secret 5: Tell her you to love her

One of the most basic needs of women is to hear the phrase I love you. Perhaps it can be said that women need to hear this sentence to believe that their husbands love them. So pay attention to this point and meet their needs and relieve their worries about this.


Secret 6: Pave the way for your spouse to progress

Women inherently want leadership and leadership, so you can give them the opportunity and not hinder her progress.


Secret 7: Talk to your spouse

Women usually think out loud and share their inner discoveries with an interested listener. Know that women feel better by talking and gain their spirits and through this, they can identify themselves. For men, talking is just for information, but for women, it is enjoyable and relaxing, and it drains them mentally. Therefore, it is recommended that men talk to their wives in a friendly manner for twenty minutes a day at a suitable place and time.


Secret 8: Maintain your masculine authority

What is very important for women is the authority of men. Women always want their husbands to have authority. So try to always be a powerful and wise man.


Secret 9: Women are more resistant to adversity than men

Women have a high resistance to enduring problems and hardships. In fact, despite the popular perception that crying is a sign of women’s weakness, crying is in fact a tool to vent negative emotions in women. The resistance of women is such that in the absence of a man, her life can take on the roles and responsibilities of a man.

Women care that you value them when you talk to them. To show the value you place on talking to them, it’s a good idea to pick up your cell phone and look into their eyes as you talk.


Secret 10: Always respect women’s rights

When you truly respect women in dealing with them, and prioritize their rights, wants, and needs, and in fact affirm them by satisfying them, you will see the proper gratitude and appreciation that you have. Will surprise.


Secret 11: In order for him to bear your shortcomings, reassure him of your love

Due to their self-esteem and self-control, women have always shown that they can restrain any desire if they want, so it is not difficult for them to cope with many problems and difficulties in life. They can easily understand and tolerate many of your shortcomings and all this will happen if they are sure of your love and affection for themselves.


Secret Twelve: Women are more tolerant of physical and mental pain than men

New research shows that women are far more physically and mentally fit than men. In fact, they have snatched the lead from the boys in enduring the pain. Evidence of this claim is the tolerance of labor pains that if men were to endure labor pains, the human race would certainly have become extinct millions of years ago.


Secret 13: Praise him in public

Women are very eager to be praised and admired by the other party and to see the other party feeling satisfied with being in public. That’s why the more she makes sure you enjoy being with her, the more she expresses her feelings.


Secret Fourteen: Never forget special occasions

Never forget occasions, especially birthdays and weddings. Try to be the first to congratulate him. Whenever possible you should have all four of these components in place for launch to maximize profits. Holding a simple two-person party with a bouquet of flowers is enough for him to feel your love.


Secret 15: Women get emotional faster than men

Normally, women’s feelings are more heated than men’s, in other words, women get emotional faster than men. Women are more likely to be affected by their emotions in the face of fear, as well as in matters that interest them. It is not bad to know that the comments of others are much more important for women than for men.


Secret 16: Show him you care

If you are not inattentive to your spouse, but sometimes even worried about him, let him feel and observe this concern. In other words, understanding this sense of concern for him in a loving tone not only does not upset him but also gives him a sense of importance.


Secret 17: Don’t forget to love at all times

Please never confuse love with sexual need. Women often need to be loved without sex.


Secret 18: Always surprise your spouse

One of the secrets of knowing women is to surprise them. Women always enjoy being surprised and try to make up for it in the best way, so try to surprise her. For example, buying a gift, even a very small one, surprises them a lot and multiplies their interest.


Secret 19: Do not directly criticize his appearance

Never forget that women have a very sensitive spirit. It is very important to know the spirits of women. So never talk about clothes or hair and face in a way that blinds your taste, even if it does not sit well in your heart, try to raise it indirectly, for example, tell him “if it is another model is better”.


Secret 20: Women’s feelings are temporary

In order to be able to successfully deal with women’s criticism, you need to know that women’s feelings are temporary. By simply listening to a woman’s negative feelings, you are actually giving her a chance to discover her positive feelings.


Know the feminine features

Know the feminine features
Know the feminine features

1 – Linking

Psychologists say that if there is only one difference between women and men, it is that for women, communication with others is the most important thing, and for men, independence and authority. The fact that women care so much about their relationship with others starts from childhood. Surely all of you have seen girls choose dolls as the main toy and communicate with it. Psychologists call this feminine trait “link-seeking.”


2 – Relation to the paternal family

Women are more connected than men and value relationships more than men. One of the most important people that women put energy into their relationship with is their paternal family. From sisters, mothers, brothers, and fathers to children of siblings, uncles, aunts, uncles, and aunts, everyone can be in a woman’s circle of concerns and learn about them all. Usually, men see this as their husbands’ behavior in opposition to their own power and therefore ask women to prioritize one over the family and their husbands. It is clear that they want that one to be themselves. If the relationship with the paternal family is only because of the characteristics of women bonding. The same trait that has connected them to their husbands!


3 – Do not keep secrets

One of the issues that always arise between men and women is the boundary between what should be said outside the home and what should not be said. Women tend to open all boundaries because of the nature of the connection, as well as the number of people who can be told things that are private in the minds of men. On the intercity bus, a woman may open her heart to a stranger and tell him the most private things in her life. This is almost impossible for men.


4 – Being emotional

Women are more emotional than men. This is a common belief that also happens to have a scientific basis. Of course, psychologists comment on this in a little more detail. They say men can separate the intellectual and emotional aspects of a story, but women become emotional quickly even in a logical argument. Neuroscientists say the reason for this could be that the center of emotion in men is only in the right hemisphere of their brain, while the centers of emotion in women are scattered on both the left and right sides of the brain. You probably know that the left side of the brain is responsible for speaking and thinking logically. This is why many men are probably surprised why when they have a logical argument with their wives, they suddenly become emotional. Of course, women are also surprised that men, even in an emotional debate, can maintain their composure and move forward with their own logic.

If we want to look at it more generally, especially men who have successful women, they may be mistaken that because their spouse is one of those people who can do very well for themselves and their work, they no longer need emotional support. But women’s psychology says just the opposite. Even women who are a myth of self-confidence in front of you like to be feminine and have your emotional support. The constant quarrel between men and women over the phrase “I love you” by men is rooted in this gender difference.

Women are more likely to use exaggeration in their sentences because of their emotional nature. When they say never, always, best, worst, all or nothing, they really do not mean exactly those sentences. But you, as a man, probably think logically and see that it really is not what your spouse said and you get into a fruitless logical argument with him.


5 – Good talk

Men often complain that their wives talk too much. That’s why jokes and text messages have been made about women talking a lot to your heart’s content. Psychologists agree that men and women differ in the amount of speech and the way they speak.

Neuroscientists say men use only their left hemisphere to speak, but women use both hemispheres. Growth psychologists say that speech equipment (such as vocal cords) grows faster in women than in men.

Evolutionary psychologists also say that over the centuries, men have learned to be quieter and women have learned to talk more. They say that thousands of years ago, women moved in groups with other women and did not step beyond the cave while holding their children. If they had a relationship, they would be more likely to survive. But the men had to sit quietly on top of the hill waiting to be hunted. If they talked, the hunt would escape and their survival would be in danger.


6 – Descriptive report of women

Psychologists say that if there are two general categories of daily reporting, one is descriptive reporting and one is scientific reporting. Women usually use descriptive and detailed reporting, but men use scientific and logical reporting. This difference has been present in girls and boys since childhood. You must remember how your sister talked to Abutab about school events for your mother, but as a boy, you felt that nothing special had happened at school that could be described. In fact, women’s descriptive reports are not a sign of their eloquence, nor is the headline-grabbing of men’s daily events a sign of their inattention. The best solution for men is to let women act according to their nature and speak for themselves and for them to listen. This! Especially housewives, who are more lonely, need men to listen more. Sometimes this lack of listening becomes so problematic for women that it leads them to the valley of divorce.

While women talk to just talk, men are always looking for a solution, so they interrupt women to find a solution and end the conversation, and this always makes women angry.


7 – Indirect talk of women

The expression style of women and men is different. Men speak clearly and directly, but women indirectly want to get their point across. In one of his books, Jung, the famous psychologist, likens women to spiders. He says that in order to achieve their goal, they connect so many different points with their strings that sometimes they get stuck in their own strings. Of course, the way women speak is very clever. When your spouse speaks indirectly, even if you disagree with him or her, the relationship will not break down temporarily. All of this has to do with the same connection and emotionality of the women mentioned. In fact, men should not think that women’s professions are literally what they say. They have to decipher the words according to the emotional atmosphere and previous events. What your spouse may be saying is exactly the opposite of what he or she is saying or wanting. Usually, you should look for “emotional support” and “description of your duties as a husband” behind his career!


8 – Exaggeration of women

Women are more likely to use exaggeration in their sentences because of their emotional nature. When they say never, always, best, worst, all or nothing, they really do not mean exactly those sentences. But you, as a man, probably think logically and see that it is not really what your spouse said, and you get into a fruitless logical argument with him. This argument makes women sadder or angrier instead of resolving something. It is better to listen to him and let him speak to calm down.


9 – Feminine hair

Women and men have different body language. Women smile more. They need less personal space and are usually closer together. Women take a different posture and usually lock their arms in a polite position or hold their hands to their chests and bring their legs closer together and hold them to one side when sitting.

But most important of all is that women have the ability to detect the signs of other people’s body language. What psychologists call “decoding.” Women are more likely than you to know what you mean or feel by the way you look and feel. So do not try to lie to them! At the same time, because you are less capable in this case, try to learn your spouse’s body language bit by bit so that you can read his mind. Now that you have less natural ability to do this, at least train yourself!


10 – Feminine jealousy

Women want to be the last to enter their husbands’ hearts. After that, they want to close the door behind them by various means and not allow anyone to enter. For women, even from the first moment of acquaintance, it is important whether this man will remain loyal to me for the rest of his life or not.

Neuroscientists say that “the feeling of being special” and that “I am the only woman in my husband’s life” have a tremendous effect on women’s chemistry and brains.

Evolutionary psychologists say that the need for commitment of men has arisen over the years. Women had to choose a man to take care of the genes during pregnancy and breastfeeding in order to pass the genes on to their children. Committed men are more likely to do this.

Women’s monopoly is so strong that it can even cause constant anxiety and fear of their husbands’ infidelity. Women use many tools to stay close behind their heads. Some of them test their husbands, some of them regularly ask their husbands about other women, some of them question their husbands, some of them regularly check their personal belongings such as their husbands’ mobile phones, some of them restrict them and some of them even force their husbands. They can change the environment that is “a city full of charity and good in six directions.”

If female sexual infidelity is a disaster for men, men’s emotional infidelity is a disaster for women, so women’s jealousy is more emotional than sexual. The best way for you as a man is a sentence: “Do not sensitize your spouse.”

The variety of cone cells in the eyeballs makes them perceive more and more accurate colors. A woman is more likely to distinguish between turquoise and azure, men call both blue


11 – Women’s diversity

Women are in many cases more diverse than men. From home furniture to clothes and makeup. Neuroscientists say this is due to their gender. In the male brain, there is almost one center in everything in one hemisphere, but the female brain is more general, and there are several centers scattered in two hemispheres for each task. Apart from this, the corpus callosum that connects the two hemispheres is thicker in women. This can lead to their diversity.

In addition, the variety of cone cells in the eyeballs makes them perceive more and more accurate colors. A woman is more likely to distinguish between turquoise and azure, men call both blue.

Psychologists say that women’s wide-ranging emotions and brain differences make them arithmetically diverse. Women’s diversity usually manifests itself in clothing, make-up, fashion trends, passage, and furniture change. Something you, as a man, may not be bored with. You may attribute these behaviors to your spouse’s extravagance, carelessness, or unemployment, but in reality, they are behaving according to their own diverse nature. If you want to understand them, look at the love of your gay cars that want to change their car or equipment every month.


12 – Women need attention and love and are always ready to sacrifice

Knowing this is very important to know women. Women are thirsty for attention and love. They usually appreciate the efforts and love of others and always wait for a time to repay it. Women are always ready to sacrifice and are willing to put themselves in the most difficult situations to express their love.


13 – Attention and eye contact are very important to them

When women talk to someone they love, they are constantly looking into their eyes to get their attention and approval. Eye contact is very important for women. If you want to have your spouse by your side, knowing this is very important in knowing women, it is not at all attractive for him to look at your phone while talking. It is better to always pay attention to him.


14 – They like to have freedom of action in life

Most women want to give their partners a chance to be free. It is always a good feeling to know that we have a trustworthy and dependent spouse. Women also like to feel good about themselves and be free. Rest assured that they do not forget that they should always be careful about their relationship.


15 – They give you loving text messages while you are at work

Women are more interested in texting than men, and they simply send “thank you”, “I love you”, “I miss you” and even shorter but full of encouraging messages to their husbands. They want their spouses to know how much they love them and appreciate their efforts.


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Interpretation of female language

  1. I do not want to talk about it.

He wants you to go because he is still gathering information against you.


  1. We need…

This sentence means he wants something.


  1. I’m not upset.

But he is upset.


  1. You have to learn to communicate.

“Communicating” means “agreeing with me.”


  1. Do you have to do this now?

This is not a question, but it means that whatever you do, put aside and be ready for the next commands.


  1. What are you doing ?!

This is not really a question, it means “you are doing something wrong.”


  1. We have to talk.

After this, you died!


  1. We can go wherever you want.

In most cases, it means “you better choose my favorite restaurant.”


  1. Don’t worry about it.

That means he asked you to do something (probably more than once) and now he has to do it himself. Any other questions on your part will probably lead to a “deep sigh”.


  1. Thank you very much.

This word is a little different from “thank you” but it means the opposite. Under no circumstances should you say, “Please.”


  1. Thank you.

I mean, thank you, say, “Please.”


  1. Now everything.

It sounds like “good” just a little worse. In fact, most of the time this is after “Do you listen?” It is said


  1. 5 minutes.

Depending on the situation, it may take about 30 to 40 minutes if it is ready. If you are watching TV for 5 minutes, it means nothing and it means “Why are you watching TV while you can do something useful?”


  1. Oh deep.

You may not know it, but this “oh” is a word and can be thought of as “I do not believe I have to stand here and bear your stupidity.” Interpret.


  1. It’s up to you.

If you think this sentence means you can choose freely, you are sorely mistaken. It is better to put this sentence as “It is up to you to choose what I want but I do not tell you what I want because you have to know.” If you make a wrong choice, the result is “no problem”.


  1. Do you listen?

This means that you are not listening and there is no way to show that you are listening.


  1. There is no problem.

Incidentally, there is a problem; This means that he needs time to understand how to punish you.


  1. Good.

That means the discussion is over and you have failed.


  1. It would be great if…

Anything said after “if” means unconditional order.


  1. Maybe.

I mean, not yet.


  1. Yes.

Most of the time it means “no” but there are exceptions that are very difficult to recognize.


  1. No.

That means no.


  1. Continue.

This does not mean permission but a warning. You better not do that.


  1. Do I look fat in this photo?

This sentence means “Do you think I’m ugly?” The answer should definitely be “no”.


  1. Nothing.

In fact, the word means something; There is a problem that you do not know about and it is best to find it as soon as possible.


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