How to have a better relationship with your boss
How to have a better relationship with your boss

How to have a better relationship with your boss

How to have a better relationship with your boss

Undoubtedly, one of the keys to any company’s success is a constructive and respectful relationship between its employees and its boss. The main priority of any manager is to have hardworking and committed employees. But the manager also expects employees to be well-mannered, and his relationships with employees, who work together every day, to be more than a superficial relationship. After all, the boss spends more time with his company employees than anyone else.

Of course, it should be noted that this is a mutual need because the opportunity for employee development is in the hands of the boss. So the more he gets to know you, your work, and your work ethic, the better your chances of getting rewarded and progressing.

have a better relationship with your boss
have a better relationship with your boss

So a healthy and respectful relationship with the manager can have a positive effect on your morale and energy, followed by your productivity, and thus strengthen your career.

If you want to have more than one relationship with your boss, how to stay with the site because here are 8 tips to build a better relationship with your manager.


1- Value your company and job to have a better relationship

Your boss has hired you for a reason, so make sure you value your company and your job position. Managers want their employees not only to agree with them but also to talk about events and challenges that need to be addressed. Be a person who speaks with confidence and logical reasons and is ready to suggest various solutions. By doing this, you will gain the trust of your boss as much as possible.


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2 – Ask your boss for feedback

Ask your boss for feedback
Ask your boss for feedback

Do not be afraid to ask your boss for feedback. The manager may not be able to express his or her views due to his or her busy schedule. In this case, you take the command and ask him about your work and its results. It shows that your work is important to you and that you are working to improve it.


3- Offer help to your boss to have a better relationship

Sometimes it is best to ask your manager if he or she needs your help with the project. Many managers do not talk about their problems and therefore do not ask others for help. So try to ask them in the middle of your speech if they need anything.

We all sometimes feel that we do not have enough time to do our work during the day. As a result, showing willingness and ability to continue working can be one of your opportunities for progress. In the meantime, you may encounter a new project, gain a lot of skills, gain fans in the company, and finally achieve a better and bigger position.


4- Surprise your boss

Do your best to go beyond what your boss expects. For example, set a realistic delivery time for the delivery of a project entrusted to you. Then surprise your boss by finishing earlier than expected. This will show that you are active and can manage your workload and time properly.


5- Ask for help and advice to have a better relationship

Ask your manager questions from time to time and get advice on how to do it. But be careful that your questions are not simple and trivial. By asking for advice or approval of a solution, you show that you value their opinion.


6 – Respect your boss to have better relationship

Respect your boss
Respect your boss

Respect your boss, even if you do not like him. Anyway, for some reason, he has gained his current position. Whether you like it or not, he is now your manager. In this way, your manager’s job position is such that if you disrespect him, you will damage your relationship with him and in some cases, you may even lose your job.


7 – Do whatever it takes to make your boss look good

Everyone cares about their reputation and their job. So if you can make your manager look good, you will make him happy. You will feel better when your manager is happy. This means that you should not correct your boss in front of others and expose their mistakes. For a manager, there is nothing worse than having his employee correct him in front of other people. This is a shame for a boss, even if they make a mistake. It is better to explain their problems to them when you are alone.

At all times, try to show yourself as a professional and your thoughts, ethics and behavior are professional; To not only act in your favor but also to show your boss as a capable and worthy person, with high self-confidence. Because their employees and behavior to some extent indicate the manager’s ability to lead and the success of the company and its employees.


8- Stay away from administrative policies and rumors

Your behavior has a direct impact on your boss. So avoid harsh comments. Even if you trust your co-workers, it is best not to talk to them about your boss or anyone else, and to stay away from rumors as much as possible. Because your profession may reach your boss and negatively affect your relationship.

What matters is building trust in the relationship between you and your boss. Employees need their manager to advise, encourage, support, and trust them. Therefore, in order to achieve these goals, it is necessary to establish and maintain the desired trust in the relationship between the employee and the manager.


Concluding remarks

So if you work in an organization or company whose boss believes in its employees and rewards them by recognizing the abilities and efforts of people, you are a lucky person and it is better to maintain this relationship in the long run and in line with the above points. Make the best of your business and the company. If you are one of those people who have a subdivision at work and you are the manager of a department, you can have an integrated team in line with the wishes of your boss by referring to the article How to manage your team.


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