How to make dollars from AirDrop
How to make dollars from AirDrop

How to make dollars from AirDrop

How to make dollars from AirDrop (What is AirDrop?)

In a tough economic climate where people spend their income in dollars based on their income in rials, having a dollar-earned business from AirDrop can be a good opportunity for people who do not have a job or are looking for a second job. And be considered.

Our group intends to provide you with information about one of the best options for earning dollars, under the title of earning money from AirDrop, so that you can also identify the best AirDrop by getting acquainted with the basic concepts of this type of business. Join the thousands of people who have been successful in earning dollars from AirDrop. But before learning how to make dollars from AirDrop, it is better to get acquainted with the basic concepts in making money:


What is digital currency?

Words like digital currency, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrencies, and the like are probably familiar to those of you who are looking to make dollars from AirDrop. It should be noted that all these words are derived from the Latin word (cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency) which consists of two parts: crypto (crypto) meaning cryptocurrency (currency) meaning currency. But unfortunately, some websites or social networks have considered the closest Persian translation for it at their discretion.

What is digital currency
What is a digital currency?

Digital currency is actually a type of digital money that is designed and presented to increase security and the absence of fraud, anonymity, elimination of intermediaries, and public accessibility. Due to the fact that digital currencies use decentralized technology while eliminating the use of banks or intermediary organizations, they allow their users to pay securely and save money. Most digital currencies that are designed are run on a database called blockchain and can be generated and accessed by a process called mining.


Some important digital currencies for earning dollars from AirDrop:

Some important digital currencies for earning dollars from AirDrop
Some important digital currencies for earning dollars from AirDrop

Bitcoin (BTC): The first, most important, and most popular cryptocurrency introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009.

Atrium (ETH): The second cryptocurrency created by the Russian Vitalik Butlin. This blockchain-based platform allows developers to implement their decentralized applications without any downtime, fraud, or censorship.

LightCoin (LTC): The creator of this currency is Charlie Lee. Light Coin is a digital currency like Bitcoin with guaranteed encryption and extraction that performs its transactions at 4 times the speed of Bitcoin.

There are other currencies such as Ripple, Deutsche Coin, Factum, Dash, and that can be easily explored in the endless world of the Internet.


What is the Blockchain to make dollars from AirDrop?

What is the Blockchain
What is the Blockchain

Blockchain consists of two main parts, block, and chain. In fact, blockchain is an interconnected chain of blocks. Blockchain is a system of recording information and reports that are shared among all members, and since this information is recorded using cryptography, it is almost impossible to delete and manipulate it.

Each block contains a record of information from transactions and reports. These reports continue in a chain so that if new information is recorded, in one section and in the other section, the previous information can be seen in encrypted form.


Initial Coin Issuance (ICO):

In the world of dollar revenue from AirDrop ICO, it means offering initial money, and this is how start-ups and startups can raise the initial capital they need. It is worth mentioning that buying and selling ICO tokens with digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Atrium is possible, and since the price of these tokens during pre-sale is significantly lower than their price after being offered in exchange offices and… It always attracts a lot of investors.


What is a token?

In the world of earning dollars or earning dollars from airdrops, tokens are in fact representative of an approved and valuable asset such as remittances and currency, which is usually made on the basis of another Chinese block. Each share in the ICO that can be traded is called a token. For example, the token is an independent currency based on the Atrium network.


Types of tokens:

Types of tokens
Types of tokens

Utility Tokens:

These tokens allow you to benefit from a product or service such as using the network, making a profit by giving the right to vote to the holders of tokens, and.


 Security Tokens:

The value of these tokens is obtained from a foreign and tradable asset and they are also subject to securities laws. By eliminating intermediaries, these tokens reduce complexity, fees, and costs, thereby accelerating securities issuance.


Platform :

The platform is actually a platform that provides the necessary facilities for businesses and individuals to be better seen.



This standard provides a platform on the Atrium platform for its developers, so that the behavior of each digital coin, as a result, is predictable. This has led other digital currencies to imitate Atrium.



Offline or online software for storing, transferring, and receiving digital currency


Hardware Wallet:

The safest way to keep digital currency in earning dollars from AirDrop is with a hardware wallet, which looks like a flash and keeps digital currencies encrypted. These hardware wallets include Ledger, BitLux, and Trizor brands.


What is AirDrop?

What is AirDrop
What is AirDrop

In crypto, AirDrop involves offering and allocating rewards through the distribution of free digital currency for a limited period of time among the owners of these currencies, the purpose of this action is to advertise and introduce the Chinese block, especially to users, and encourage them to become users. Is loyal.

It should be noted that this practice often does not follow certain rules, but usually, the amount distributed among these members is less than 5% of the total tokens.


Earn dollars from AirDrop:

Earn dollars from AirDrop
Earn dollars from AirDrop

As mentioned, earning dollars from AirDrop is one of the newest and best ways to earn dollars by receiving free tokens. If you are one of those people who are interested in the field of dollar income and have enough time to work, you should know that your effort and perseverance to collect free tokens from the appropriate blockchain determines the amount of dollar income. Is from AirDrop. Contrary to popular belief, earning dollars from AirDrop is not a difficult task. Usually, after entering the AirDrop site and downloading its application and registering it by reading articles, inviting friends and registering them, and finally scores based on your and your friends’ activities. You collect that at the end of the day the equivalent of these points will be credited to your account digital currency.

To find successful airdrops in the field of earning dollars from airdrops, you can achieve positive results by reviewing sites such as, which work in the field of introducing airdrops and provide accurate information to users.


Provide Tools to Earn Money:

In general, all you need to do is provide the following tools to earn dollars from AirDrop:

  • Have an active account on virtual pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram so that you can earn dollars from AirDrop by performing some activities. The value of these tokens, which are provided to people through free activities, is usually in the range of a few cents, which in some cases each person may receive up to several thousand tokens, the value of which can sometimes reach $ 300 to $ 400. Arrives. Once you have done the required steps, these tokens will be credited to your digital currency account, and you can cash in on this digital airdrop of dollar revenue through online exchanges. It should be noted that the duration of your activity in an AirDrop depends on the request of the relevant blockchain, which ends in exchange for reaching a certain volume of users.
  •  Having an Atrium wallet is compatible with ERC20 because most of the tokens provided in AirDrop are of this type. It is best to use MetaMask or MyEtherWallet to get started and then a hardware wallet. Since the activity of this wallet is monitored by many airdrops, it is better to always be active.
  • Having an email address


Critique of incoming tokens:

To earn dollars from AirDrop you have to be patient until the time runs out. Shortly after the tokens are deposited in your wallet, you can sell them by referring to reputable online exchange sites such as Binance, offering your selling price, and depending on the buyer’s circumstances, in addition to giving a commission to the exchange, your money Receive and deliver the other party’s currency.

As you know, there are threats and dangers in any business, but in the field of earning dollars from AirDrop, considering that these earnings are done in the context of the blockchain, it is usually very secure, but in any case, it should be Watch out for sites and apps that publish ads for earning dollars from AirDrop that aim to reach a higher statistical community to sell information or access your digital accounts and try your wallet. Use hardware.


Do not participate in airdrops

Do not participate in airdrops that ask you to deposit money, do not give your private key to anyone, and try to check the opinion of experienced people in this field. By considering such things, you can greatly reduce the possibility of potential losses and avoid scams to earn money from airdrops and earn dollars with peace of mind.

It usually takes 1 to 2 months to receive free tokens and cash them because most airdrops are held before or at the same time as the tokens are sold and cannot be distributed until the end of the sale period.

Finally, to check if the free tokens you received have been deposited in your wallet, you should visit the Etherscan site. After entering the ETH site, enter your search box. If there is a token in your wallet, it will be displayed in the token tracking bar.

Etherscan website
Etherscan website

Once you actually get the tokens, you can collect them directly through services like My Ether Wallet (MEW).


Final Step to make dollars from AirDrop:

Finally, as a final point, if you look at the list of top currencies, most of them are priced at a few dollars. While they were once offered for free to users or were priced at just a few cents, this shows the high potential of earning dollars from AirDrop, which has led many people to great fortunes. If you really want to make a lot of money from airdrops and wealth, be sure to go for the big legal projects that are also approved by the big money changers and try your luck.

We hope this article has helped you find out more about digital currencies and how to make money from them. Let us know your comments and suggestions.


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