Misconceptions about SEO
Misconceptions about SEO

Misconceptions about SEO

Misconceptions about SEO: There are many misconceptions about SEO with all its importance to us. SEO has very high importance and position today. Leave yourself to SEO to become a brand and spread the word.

Five years after the release of the Google Panda Update, many consider the Google Panda Update to be a big step in the growth of the webspace and the improvement of search results. Something that Google itself may accept and be proud of.

Misconceptions about SEO
Misconceptions about SEO

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In this post, we are going to review 5 misconceptions in SEO that may have been recommended and very useful in SEO at one time, but today, not only do they not have a positive effect, but they can also have a negative effect.

Keyword metatag about SEO

This metatag is still used by many administrators of Persian websites, even though its non-use has been officially announced and it has been announced for several years. According to our research, 8 out of every 10 Persian websites still use this meta tag.

Tips to know about this meta tag:

Bing search engine does not use this meta tag positively but it can hurt your website.

By using this meta tag, you are practically publishing the relatively secret steps of optimizing your website. People who are more specialized by examining this meta tag can find out many optimization programs and competitors use it on their website.

Metatag Description about SEO

Simultaneously with the publication of the news that Google did not use keyword meta tags in 2009, it was further mentioned that Google’s use of descriptions (Meta Description) as a factor in optimization was stopped and this meta tag was ranked as a positive factor. Will not use.

Our studies in Seomoz showed that out of every 10 Persian websites, at least 9 of them use this meta tag (correct or incorrect use was not our criterion).

But the point is that many still believe that Having this meta tag and putting keywords in it can have a positive effect on improving the site ranking if it is not in any way. Google’s use of the description meta-tag ends only as a part to display post information to users.

Designing about SEO

The issue of design may be considered the most oppressed issue in SEO, a part that few people pay attention to and do not think at all that it can be effective in improving SEO.

To check the importance of the design topic, pay attention to the following points:

Search engines, especially Google, are no longer automated and human-centered.

If the user is satisfied with the site, Google is also satisfied. If the user spends little time on the site and moves between pages less (low bounce rate), these are signs for Google of user dissatisfaction with the site and the negative SEO score.

Design and SEO are very close today. In the past, crawlers may not have been able to read CSS files, but today Google is asking administrators to allow crawlers to read these files.

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