The Definitive Guide to Successfully Rebranding in 2021
The Definitive Guide to Successfully Rebranding in 2021 -

The Definitive Guide to Successfully Rebranding in 2021

Successfully Rebranding in 2021 – When you first start a business, the brand is probably the last thing on your mind. However, when you are still trying to figure out who your customers are (and where you can find them), it will be difficult to sit down and choose between colors and fonts.

In addition, even if you prioritize brand identity in the beginning, a change in business plans may obsolete your initial brand strategy.

Fortunately, rebranding is not uncommon; Many big brands, from Dunkin ‘Donuts to Uber, have successfully re-created new brands in the past.

If you are planning to rebuild a brand, continue reading this article to learn how to rebuild a brand.

Brand Reconstruction Strategy to Successfully Rebranding in 2021

The Definitive Guide to Successfully Rebranding in 2021
The Definitive Guide to Successfully Rebranding in 2021 –

To successfully implement a brand remodeling strategy, you must begin by identifying whether your brand needs a minor or total remodeling. Next, re-create your brand target market through research to determine what population you want to attract with a new brand. Finally, redefine your company’s vision, mission, and values, and use these new definitions as a guide to your strategy.

  • How to rebuild a company brand
  • Redefine your audience and brand market.
  • Redefine the organization’s vision, mission, and values.
  • When rebuilding the brand, change the company name.
  • Revise the brand slogan.
  • Rebuild the brand identity.

1. Redefine your audience and brand market

After extensive market research, including focus groups and data analysis, you will come up with amazing results: Your customers (or competitors) are not what you think they are.

In this phase, you need to find out who is actually buying from you or, if not, what other company is using the products. Comparing this with your primary target market and your audience can make a big difference.

Once you have identified your true market and audience, you are ready to rebuild your company’s brand to reconnect with customers (and outperform competitors).

2. Redefine the vision, mission, and values ​​of the company

“what are you doing? How do you do that? “Why are you doing this?”

These are the three questions you need to ask yourself as you re-evaluate your vision, mission, and values ​​as you rebuild.

Here are some key components that you need to analyze in your company to decide which part of the company needs to be reviewed.


The vision acts as a compass for everything your company does, so it is important to have a thorough understanding of it before moving forward. In addition, your perspective may have changed over time. It’s okay, but it’s important to redefine your vision as soon as possible to make sure all employees make decisions based on it.

When you do a brand redesign, the company’s vision affects everything from the redesign of the website to the hiring process.

Mission to Successfully Rebranding in 2021

You may still be moving towards a destination, but the path to it has changed. The mission is the same as your company’s roadmap.

As your mission changes, so should your messaging; That makes the mission as important as the vision when rebuilding the brand.

For example, Sweetgreen’s mission statement is to “inspire healthier communities by introducing people to real food.” The slogan will help define everything about the Sweetgreen brand, from the images they use in advertising to the language they use in press releases.


Your values ​​are the main reason for your brand. It is because of you that you work to achieve the vision and stick to your mission.

But as brands expand and change, some of their core values ​​may not be sustainable. If you can not support your old values ​​or have found new values, you need to update them to show what is really valuable to your company today.

Brand voice to Successfully Rebranding in 2021

As the vision, mission, and values ​​change as the brand rebuilds, so does the transfer of these aspects of the company. The words, tone, and voice you use for your brand should be relevant to your message. So, if what you say changes, so should your tone.

3- When rebuilding the brand, change the company name

Renaming is a big deal, and it can cost you organic branding and organic search traffic. So, if you are changing the name of a company as part of a brand rebuilding process, make sure you have a recovery plan as part of your post-brand rebuild strategy.
In general, if your name is still relevant, it is best to keep it. But if the current name of the company does not match its identity, it may be time to choose a new name. Here are some ways to make the renaming process easier:

  • Create a new word
  • Use an old word in new ways
  • Describe what you are doing (literally)
  • Correct spelling of the word
  • Add a prefix or suffix
  • Use other languages
  • Bring two words together
  • Create acronyms and abbreviations
  • Use location

Conclusion of Successfully Rebranding in 2021:

Now that you know everything about brand restructuring, it’s time to consider whether and how you want to change your brand. Whether you are dealing with logo redesign, website redesign, changing brand messages, or a complete redesign of the brand, these steps can help you decide on the best strategy for rebuilding the brand; So that you do not need to rebuild for a long time.


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