The most important digital marketing KPIs and metrics

The most important digital marketing KPIs and metrics

Important digital marketing KPIs – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Digital marketing is used by companies to measure marketing results. In this guide, you will find 18 important marketing KPIs that every business should track.

What is KPI Marketing?

Marketing KPI (Key Performance Index) is a measurable value that marketers use to evaluate their success in all marketing channels. Popular marketing KPIs include Cost Per Conversion (CPL), Qualified Marketing Ads (MQL), Cost through Purchasing (CPA), and Website Visit on each marketing channel.

The main category of important digital marketing KPIs

The most important digital marketing KPIs and metrics
The most important digital marketing KPIs and metrics –

With the help of a business dashboard and marketing tools, you can have a complete view of your marketing performance and consciously decide to improve your results month by month. To answer this question, it is very important to evaluate the performance of the main generation, social media, advertising, and SEO strategy. The best way to do this is to track different marketing KPIs.

Marketing KPIs can be divided into five main categories:

  • Lead Generation Process
  • Website and traffic metrics
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid advertising
  • Tracking social networks
  • Customer acquisition process KPIs

Check the cost-effectiveness of production and customer acquisition channels to evaluate whether your customer acquisition process tactics work.

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1- New clues/perspectives every month

This widely used metric indicates the number of new pre-sales earned in the past month. A new customer can be someone who has registered for a free trial or created an account on your online retail site.

How to measure:

Use customer relationship management software to get the latest data, and filter dates to see the number of new people in a particular period.

How to improve:

Increase Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign budgets. Create SEO-optimized content to be found through search engines and try new temporary discount offers.

2- Qualified leads every month is one of the important digital marketing KPIs

Monitoring the number of eligible customers shows whether your marketing campaigns are effectively focused on targeted customers or only generate traffic that will not be your potential audience. These customers are classified into three groups:

  • Eligible Marketing Customers (MQL): Customers that the marketing team decides to refer to the sales team.
  • Accepted Sales Leads (SAL): People who are accepted by the sales team and follow them.
  • Eligible Customers (SQL): Customers who are in the sales cycle.

How to measure:

Categorize all sales ads in your sales funnel using CRM software. Filter customers by tags and dates to see the exact number of monthly selections in each qualification group.

How to improve:

Create well-targeted campaigns to reach the right audience.

3- The cost of producing clues

The cost of generating leads (CPL) represents the cost of achieving a new perspective. Using the cost criterion of each conversion, you can evaluate whether different marketing activities are profitable or not.

How to measure:

Summarize the time, resources, and cost of marketing activities and compare the results with the number of monthly returns.

How to improve:

See what kind of free and paid activities work best for you and increase your budget and time spent. In addition, create and share quality content on social media to get free website traffic and new leads.

The result of important digital marketing KPIs speech

It is often said that 80% of the results come from 20% of the input (Pareto Law). The same rule applies to marketing activities. Many digital marketers rely on marketing KPIs in an organized and informative way to make decisions and evaluate their marketing information.

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