Ulearna Online Learning Platform
Ulearna Online Learning Platform

Ulearna Online Learning Platform

Ulearna Online Learning Platform

Ulearna as a platform is the culmination of many great minds working together. It is a revolutionary cloud-based community platform that facilitates a community of students and instructors from all over the world, to share career-based skills and knowledge without boundaries.

The Ulearna Online Learning Platform idea was born in 2020. In the same year, the idea was started to implement. Mr. Rahmatullah Nawroz, Founder and Director of Ulearna.com Platform, gave the platform to an American company to complete. After the process of design, the American company handed over the platform to Mr. Rahmatullah Nowruz, who then hired website developers in several countries to complete the platform, which was completed and commissioned in the Year 2021.

The Ulearna platform, built for learning and useful writing, has many benefits that are fully explained in this article.

The Ulearna.com platform will not only be a great place for students but also a great place for teachers and writers where teachers can record, edit and upload courses on their own after creating an account on the platform. Authors can also share their writings and translations with others on this platform and can earn money based on visit time.

Because the Ulearna platform is so global and so large that so many people are working on it, new features will be added every week, these features will be for the betterment of the Ulearna platform and you will be able to learn in it easily.


Benefits of Ulearna Platform!

Ulearna for students:

Discover unrivaled Ulearna libraries. You’ll find multilingual courses and cutting-edge resources. You can take as many courses as you would like to with a single subscription.

Ulearna Platform for Students
Ulearna Platform for Students


Benefits for Students to Learn on Ulearna Platform:

  1. Can learn from anywhere.
  2. Can learn voluntarily.
  3. Will receive professional training from international talents (teachers).
  4. Can learn more courses for less money.
  5. Will build relationships with international instructors.
  6. Can learn in their own language (Pashto, Dari, and English).
  7. At the end of each course receive a certificate that is accepted worldwide.
  8. Can learn as much as he can and leave the rest to tomorrow.
  9. Can also do free tuition depending on time and course.
Start Learning


Teach What You Love and Educate Others!

Ulearna gives you a creative space to share knowledge, communicate with students, and monetize your passion in multiple ways.

Ulearna Platform for Teachers
Ulearna Platform for Teachers

Benefits to teachers to become a lecturer on Ulearna:

  1. Will receive money based on each student or course visit time.
  2. No need to go out of the course and teach from your place.
  3. Can record, edit and upload courses at home or in their own place.
  4. The course will eventually remain on the platform.
  5. Thousands of people can learn from one course.
  6. Show yourself to the country and the world.
  7. Share your professional skills and art with many people.
Become Instructor


Get Paid To Write on Ulearna Platform

Write articles on the topics that excite you. Share your writing and earn money based on the Premium Read Time.

Ulearna For Authors
Ulearna For Authors

Benefits to the authors:

  1. Share your thoughts in writing with others.
  2. Money will be automatically credited to their account based on the reading time.
  3. Recognize yourself nationally and globally.
  4. The best place to get money from home.
  5. Articles and translations will appear in a Google search.
Become Author

Participation in the platform is 100% free.


On the Ulearna platform, you can do Affiliate Marketing!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way to sell something online, allowing the owner of the company to offer their equipment or services to others and receive a commission in return. This means that you will not have to prepare something yourself and sell it to others, but you will sell other people’s equipment and earn money in return.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

When you do affiliate marketing you are given a specific link from the same website that you send that specific link to to the people who are interested in it, for example, if you find yourself on an education platform. Register in the Affiliate Marketing section and if you want to market to courses then you will be given a special link and then you will send that link to other friends. If your friends click on that link and then enroll in the course, the Ulearna online learning platform will pay you a commission from that student’s fee.



So once you understand affiliate marketing, Ulearna’s online learning platform also allows you to work on affiliate marketing from home.

Go to the Ulearna.com platform right now and register yourself in affiliate marketing and earn money.


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