What are the uses of gamification in employment
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What are the uses of gamification in employment?

What are the uses of gamification in employment?

These days, the use of gamification in employment human resource professionals has caused a great deal of controversy. But this phenomenon is not new. Today, gamification has become very popular just because technology disrupts the human resources industry.

However, many HR professionals and their organizations are skeptical about embracing gamification. In this article, we will try to provide information about gamification in recruitment.


What is gamification in employment?

What is gamification in employment
What is gamification in employment – infoweb24.com

Gamification is basically the application of game technology (game theory, mechanics, and game design) in non-game fields. While companies initially used gamification only as a marketing tactic to engage consumers, this approach has changed the workplace over the past decade and now serves as a viable alternative to traditional appraisals, and to attract, Staff selection, recruitment, and development are used.


History of gamification

While media coverage of gamification in employment has increased in recent years, this is not a new trend. In fact, one of the first attempts to use gamification in recruitment was made in 1999 by the US military. The US military came up with clever ideas to discover talent.

They designed an online video recruitment game, America’s Army, that allows applicants to explore the military world, helping candidates find out if serving in the military fits their needs, interests, and abilities. After the overnight success of America’s Army, gamification became very popular in recruitment but still did not reach the required level.

But as efforts continue to make the recruitment process more entertaining, new breakthroughs in gamification have been made, and it has finally become a talent-building program for many organizations around the world. Now more than ever, organizations are increasingly using this weapon in talent warfare.

The practice of gamification in employment has also expanded significantly since then. In recruitment, gamification assessments are now used to identify candidates’ personality traits, which can determine how they perform in a particular role. It also assesses their skills and abilities for a particular situation. All this while improving the employee experience.


Why should we use gamification in employment?

An extensive Korn Ferry report shows that by 2030 we will face a global shortage of more than 85 million people. Jobs that are left unfilled in media, communications, and technology can lead to $ 8.5 trillion in annual revenue.

To thrive in this ever-evolving digital age, organizations need to adopt an effective talent acquisition strategy that attracts top talent and encourages them to bring their extraordinary skills to your company. But how can you do that?

Gamification seems to be the right answer in hiring. Recruitment experts from the Human Resources Management Association believe that gamification in human resources can create an innovative image of the employer, increase people’s interest in job opportunities and accurately predict the future performance of applicants.

In addition, according to another survey conducted by TalentLMS, 81% of employees who have experienced gamification in the workplace say that the technology gives them a sense of belonging and makes them more socially connected.


The benefits of gamification in hiring

It is not surprising that the field of talent identification has experienced the greatest success to date, considering gamification strategies for engaging with candidates.

We now turn to the benefits of gamification in hiring. Here are some of the benefits that organizations have gained from using gamification in their hiring strategies:


1- Attract technology enthusiasts

As the fastest-growing group of people in companies, millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. Therefore, in order to attract, retain and motivate this group of workers, companies must pay close attention to their behavior and know what attracts them.

According to a 2011 study by Cisco, millennials value the Internet as much as air, water, food, and shelter. Their technical skills lead the workplace to an unprecedented future, so investing in the latest technology has become very important to attract and retain top talent.

Game designer Jay McGonigal estimates that the average Western millennium will spend 10,000 hours playing computer games by the age of 21. Given this fact, gamification provides a good solution for employment.


2- Create brand awareness

Gamification in talent identification, with its wide range and customizability, has helped companies to improve engagement, strengthen the brand of employers and personalize the hiring process to discover the top talent, and also make the hiring process fun.

By using gamification in human resource processes, organizations can hire the best candidates and show their employer brand to hundreds and thousands of candidates.


3- Gain more real insight than candidates

Candidates sometimes do not perform well on tests and interviews due to anxiety or intimidation. Too often, human resource leaders miss out on worthy candidates simply because they did not present their resumes in a compelling way.

By using gamification in hiring, you provide a familiar and entertaining environment for candidates, allowing them to show their true potential in a relaxed atmosphere. This in turn enables you to assess the true abilities of each volunteer.



The traditional recruitment process prevents employers from predicting the success of candidates. On the other hand, it prevents candidates from determining whether a particular employer is in the best position. This is where gamification comes in handy.

Hiring gamification is the best way to attract a diverse group of volunteers, this process immediately selects the best applicants and uses them in a fun way, allowing the volunteers to choose the employer of their choice at all times. Therefore, it can be said that the use of gamification in human resources is a great solution for employers and volunteers.


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