What is sales management Definition, strategies and processes
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What is sales management? Definition, strategies and processes

Thriving businesses do one thing well: sells management. Because there are so many gears within an organization, the sales management process must be thoroughly understood to ensure that every “aspect” of the collective sales effort works effectively.

The main focus of sales managers should be on maximizing profits for the team while providing the best possible value to customers. Who doesn’t love a win-win scenario?

What is sales management?

Sales management is the process of developing a sales force, coordinating sales operations, and implementing sales techniques that allow you to consistently meet and even exceed business goals.

If your business is making money, having a sales management strategy is absolutely essential. When it comes to increasing sales performance for any operating size, the key to success is always accurate sales management processes.

The sales management process, in addition to helping the company achieve its sales goals, allows you to keep pace with your growth in the industry and can lead to a boom in competitive markets.

Whether you are experienced or a new sales manager, you can review your current team and evaluate their performance with the following guide to sales management.

Once you have a clear picture of the monitoring processes and how to follow them, you can identify issues from the beginning, coach people before it is too late, and have a better overview of the tasks the team has to perform; To eventually increase sales.

This guide shows you how your company’s sales process is managed, enables you to be more in tune with your team, build a better relationship with the manager, and achieve better sales results.

In general, sales management helps businesses and their employees better understand the results, predict future performance, and control everything by covering the following three aspects.

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Three main aspects of sales management

What is sales management Definition, strategies and processes
What is sales management Definition, strategies and processes – infoweb24.com

There are three “aspects” to managing the sales process:

  • Sales operations
  • Sales strategy
  • Sales analysis

This process will be different in different businesses, but operations, strategy, and analysis are the three main points.

Sales Operations: Team Building

The sales team is the backbone of the company. They are the direct link between the product and the customer.

Overall, the sales team needs to feel part of the company and equipped with advanced resources.

When selecting and using new talent, you need to take the time to carefully train and improve their skills, regardless of their previous experience.

The reason for this is that resellers should not only become big sellers but also be proficient in selling your product and represent the organization that customers want to work with.

Once you have hired several people, the sales team should all be aligned and work together. A systematic approach will lead to fewer mistakes and more gains for the company as a whole.

You can then prepare your team for success and set great, yet realistic goals for them that can be measured to measure future success. To achieve this, you must do the following:

  • Set goals
  • Allocate territory
  • Set goals and quotas

But the manager’s job does not end here. It is also their job to advise the team during the process, to make sure they are still on the right track, and to motivate them if necessary.

Think about what experiences during your career motivate you and use them to inspire your team. On the other hand, do not forget to share your frustrations and failures, how to overcome them, and support in difficult times.

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Sales strategy: Defining the sales process

If you have a team and you know your goals, the question may come to you: How do you sell?

Every business has a sales cycle (including a series of tasks) that helps the company’s product reach the right users. Therefore, having a sales tube or sales funnel makes these transactions easier.

What is a Sales Pipeline?

The sales pipe is a visual sequence of activities to achieve each vision (from the beginning to the end of the transaction).

Simply put, the pipe is the seller’s right hand, because it helps him stay organized and in control of his work. After all, there are some things you can not control: Results.

This is where managerial activities come into play. If a salesperson can see their progress or activity, they will be more motivated to do more and overcome more challenges.

Sales Analysis: Reporting

Reporting is what allows you to understand how your current efforts affect the success of the company and what you can do better, from hiring more salespeople to redistributing jobs.

A successful report includes the use of sales metrics or quantitative metrics that tell you how each aspect of sales is performing and whether you are achieving your goals.

Using the standard Sales Funnel, you can measure the following four criteria:

  • Number of transactions per funnel
  • The average size of the transaction in the funnel
  • Closed ratio or average percentage of winning trades
  • Sales speed or average trading life before winning

Gathering information allows you to find your ideal customer faster and, as a result, serve them faster. Having a CRM tool helps you simplify your sales management process.

Who benefits from sales management?

Sales management in practice has a positive effect on everyone involved in the sales cycle.

The more mature your sales process is, the more the manager will adapt and improve, the better your team will perform.

As we have outlined three aspects of sales management, there are three main stakeholders involved in the sales management process: sales manager, salesperson, and customer.


Once you have decided to start or improve your sales management process, you can start with:

  • Read sales management books or articles.
  • Search for key terms such as “sales management” to stay up to date with the latest industry news
  • Use sales management software to help you monitor your process

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