Who is Rahmatullah Nowruz?
Who is Rahmatullah Nowruz?

Who is Rahmatullah Nowruz?

Who is Rahmatullah Nowruz?


Rahmatullah Nowruz
Rahmatullah Nowruz

Being an entrepreneur is a rewarding and challenging career. Rahmatullah Nowruz has invested in a number of companies and ideas. In these companies two of which have failed miserably. Some are still running with rewarding returns on the investment.

He also has a passion for passive play in the stock market. His current line of businesses are schools, educational consultancy, and cloud-based community platform Ulearna. Ulearna.com is a revolutionary platform facilitating a community of students and instructors all over the world to share career-based skills and knowledge without boundaries.



For the past 8 years, Rahmatullah Nowruz has been involved in community work and articulating a positive case for Islam to the wider community by giving lectures providing workshops in different parts of the world. He has engaged in debate and discussion with people of different faiths to promote peace and coexistence and provide a better understanding of Islamic values and principles.



Along the journey of serving different communities and reclaiming Islamic narrative, Rahmatullah Nowruz was inspired to start and lead a number of organizations. He was part of the founding committee of Salaam Mission Malaysia, a charity and dawah organization.

In April 2018, Rahmatullah Nowruz founded the Qamar institute for social and Islamic research to tackle going communal conflicts in facilitating academic material to provide a better understanding of Islam and remove the misconception about Islam.

Considering the poverty level in Afghanistan, to save lives and improve community standards. Provide opportunities to the unfortunate members of our community to stand on their own feeds by undertaking different projects, thus, in January 2019 I started the Qamar charity foundation and respectively Qamar e.V Germany and to date, I am leading both organizations as their CEO.


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