Why do we fall in love how do we defeat and how do we recover
Why do we fall in love how do we defeat and how do we recover

Why do we fall in love

Why do we fall in love, how do we defeat and how do we recover?

Clinical psychologist Samira Darwish told a reporter about the beginning of a successful relationship after an emotional failure: “Emotional failure occurs when we have made an emotional investment in a relationship and after a while Faced with a sense of failure, the process then leads to depression, hopelessness, humiliation, and stagnation. “Different factors affect emotional failure: not setting goals in a relationship leads to failure, such people have no purpose for the relationship, don’t know what the purpose of the relationship is and how to plan for the continuation of the relationship,” Darwish said.

Personality is the most important principle in a relationship!

A person’s personality traits are very important in building a relationship. Those who are broken, they think they are worthless and meaningless, do everything to stay in the relationship. Girls in emotional relationships are much more emotional, these people are very weak in self-knowledge and life skills, do not manage their emotions and thoughts, this causes the opposite side to go above the level of demand.


Isolation increases the thought of helplessness in man!

Emphasizing that people feel powerless after a relationship, she said: “According to the philosophy of creation, people only come into this world, live together and leave the world alone, which is a characteristic of human beings.” The person should be able to manage their loneliness and also enjoy the loneliness.

The clinical psychologist pointed out the differences in the types of anxiety and said that anxiety is one of the most important causes of emotional failure, adding: Has a positive outlook, seeks to talk to solve problems, is happy to find solutions to problems, and admits his mistakes. Darwish added another style of distrust from the annoying style: these people are basically skeptical and anxious, put too much emphasis on extending the relationship, have a negative attitude towards themselves but have a positive attitude towards people.

She spoke specifically about the unfaithful style of heartbreak: These people have a positive view of themselves, a negative view of others, a fear of intimacy. Achieving unfaithful styles leads to the following problems: lack of emotional balance, self-doubt, mood swings and high sensitivity to heights, sometimes trusting others, and sometimes distrust. A group of people does not analyze emotions.

Shame, harassment, and intimidation on Facebook

What is the web of life?

In response to the question of what life is, the clinical psychologist said: A system of beliefs in which a person has memories, feelings, mental images, physical feelings, abilities, security, love, respect, trust about himself and others. And one of love is a remembrance or rejection.

Pointing out that people love each other for three reasons, Darwish said: People love people who want to control their emotions, find a person like themselves whose beliefs are the same, in psychology (every emotion that is motivated). The foundation is created, a kind of need is felt (which creates needs in us).

The way of life after the defeat of love!

Life has high depths, clinical psychologists point out that boys and girls who fall in love, leave life slowly, this person is always afraid of leaving or being rejected, in both cases of not accepting or leaving the relationship. Persistently insisting, mistrust and misbehavior is another aspect of these people’s lives, they think people are abusing them.

Darwish continued: Another way of life is emotional deprivation, these people are thirsty for love, support, and care, when they are thirsty they ask for everything in the relationship, sacrifice many issues, look out of place, and are afraid of loneliness.

She pointed to another trap that affects emotional defeat: a form of shame and guilt, she said: a person thinks of himself as worthless, considers himself dependent on someone and has no patience for failure, another trap of life: Attention-grabbing is the demand and emphasis, which leads to attachment to others.


Get to know the people who are emotionally defeated

Those who are defeated in love have signs, Darwish said with this title: These people are vindictive, comparable, they feel deprived and unnamed or expelled when these people enter into a new relationship, They take every small issue seriously and threaten the other side with separation, these people are trying to take advantage of them emotionally, financially and sexually.

The clinical psychologist added that those who are broken in love have less confidence in others, adding: “These people have unstable personalities, have problems moving, working and studying, they need to be able to express their inner feelings.” Heal the wound. He often thinks that he should not trust others so that he will not be deceived again.

Pointing out that grief harms the grief of defeat in love, Darwish said: The person who is struggling with the defeat of love often hopes to return to his former relationship, always about the person. Thinking that he is gone and suffering from mental illness, tends to forget, which is why he starts another relationship, has humble behaviors of struggle, does not go out, isolation, drug use, too much sleep breaks love The eating person is symptomatic. These people are locked in another relationship for the rest of their lives.

She added: “A person who is defeated in love is on the lookout for information about the person he is in love with and thinks that he should be informed of his condition through others.” Remember the goodness of the person who goes into conflict with it, at this stage experiencing depression, helplessness, sadness, fatigue, despair, and hatred.


How to start a new relationship?

The clinical psychologist said that there are several simple ways in which one can accept one’s emotional defeat and start a new relationship. These people always cry after losing in love, so to improve this situation we can write a letter to the other party and do all the things that are in our heart, this will make you feel better and you can Dry that letter from writing.

How to start a new relationship?
How to start a new relationship?

“People who have to be patient and have the self-control to accept their loneliness,” said Darwish. Provide a list and identify your intrinsic values, family value, emotional value, work, and education can mark and work on one of these values. Until the previous relationship has ended in the mind, one should not enter into another relationship.

She added: “A broken person needs to know the style of heartbreak, the traps of life and his or her irregular struggles and set a goal to enter into a new relationship. Must be able to correct the factors that need to be corrected.

Referring to the family that can help a person who is broken in love to improve and change their feelings, she said: “The family should support the failed person in any way, be a good listener and keep a secret, not judge.” If possible, seek the help of a good psychologist so that the person can pass these times easily.


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